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    orish has 1 review(s)

    Good idea but useless implementation, Sun Dec 14 2003
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    Reviewed By: orish
    Review Of: Dansie Spam Net in Perl Archive : Miscellaneous

    I purchased Dansie Anti Spam eight months ago, but never got it to work satisfactorily.

    In principle, the idea is very good - a set of filters is compiled into a PHP script that reads your mail files and ranks each mail item according to your filter settings. "sex" can have a weighting of -1, "viagra" -2 and so on. If the weightings add up to a limit you define then the message is deleted from your mail file and transferred to a quarantine file for you to examine later. Any valid string expression in PHP can be used for a filter, so you can filter out "v.i.a.g.r.a" for instance. You can also create white and black lists.

    HOWEVER, it doesn't work for two main reasons.

    1) It requires your mail files to be publically read/writable (you have to chmod the files to 666). The script is run from an unsecure web page, and cannot be invoked via telnet or via a secure password-protected admin page. Many mail systems such as sendmail automatically create secure spool files, so you will need to extensively modify the configuration of your pop mail server to disable this.

    2) The script cannot cope with the realtime nature of e-mail. If an e-mail arrives during the filtering process, it may not get written to the mail file and can end up lost forever! I only noticed this after extensive manual testing (because I had to manually chmod the mail files as a super user via telnet). Sometimes the header appears in the report, but the actual message was either deleted from the spool file, or got lost in the transfer to the quarantine file.

    The script itself is relatively amateurish. The developer has little understanding of the workings of an -IX operating system and is blasť about security considerations.

    The script could be re-written to address these issues, but the developer is not interested in doing so (and probably not able to).

    The beauty about the idea is that the filtering takes place on the server side, so there is no unnecessary traffic between the client and the server. Although there is a 30-day money back guarantee on the product, it is unlikely that you will become aware of the problem - and if you do, it'll be too late and you will not be entitled to a refund.

    If there is sufficient demand from interested parties, I can arrange to have the script re-written by a professional and knowledgeable developer, and will sell it for $70 per license. Contact me at if you would like to purchase our version.

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