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      Master Syndicator, Deliver Your Content to Hundreds of Sites Automatically!   

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     Price: $99.00/$175.00

    Master Syndicator lets you deliver your content to multiple web site with the click of a button. Simply provide two small lines of code to the receiving site. Every time you update your content those web sites are automatically updated too.

     (Added: Thu May 02 2002 Hits: 524 Rating: 9.42 Votes: 14)

    Master Syndicator, Sat May 04 2002
    6 of 39 people found the following review helpful:

    Reviewed By: lpmorg
    LP Morgan, Editor , has been using Master Syndicator for about a year. We have a small following of web masters who ask us to allow their use of our articles on their web sites.

    Master Syndicator was the perfect solution. It allows us to syndicate our articles quickly and easily. It also allows us to control their use by only authorized web sites with some artilces, while allowing anyone to publish others. It's our choice.

    Master Syndicator is easily installed (as are all of the WillMaster scripts). It is also very user friendly, requiring very little of our time to publish, syndicate and refresh articles on our subscriber websites.

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    Great Product, Sat May 04 2002
    5 of 34 people found the following review helpful:

    Reviewed By: dynamic

    I had been searching online for many options to add to our online ezine, when I came across the Master Syndicator.

    Once I understood how it worked it was a breeze. It is because of the Master series that I know understand cgi and how to install it. Now I just can't get enough!

    I have many products and updates and this script allows me to update my content and links whenever I need to.

    Which is more money in the bank for me

    Harry Sturhahn

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    An Indispensable Publishing Solution!, Sat May 04 2002
    7 of 40 people found the following review helpful:

    Reviewed By: politicsol
    Editor -

    Master Syndicator is an indispensable publishing solution. It's also extremely cost-effective, affordable and very easy to use. had been looking for ways to increase traffic and newsletter subscribers -- and Master Syndicator has made it much easier to do both. We've been using it since 2001 -- only wish we had come across it much sooner!

    We publish daily op-eds and weekly editorials and allow syndicatees to use those, as well as archived articles. We've thrown in a newsletter subscription box into the code, so that visitors to the sites of our syndicatees can not only read our content, but sign up to our newsletter - without having to leave the syndicatee's site. We've also added a news box feature option (with a similar look to the box at our home page) that we syndicate as well. (Giving potential syndicatees more options gives us more syndicatees - and thus more traffic, too.)

    As you can see, Master Syndicator is therefore extremely versatile, as it can be used in a multiple number of ways. Best of all, since we prepare fresh, updated content for our site daily anyway, syndicating the above with Master Syndicator takes less than an additional ten minutes a day to complete!

    Philip Roberto, Editor -

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    Hampered by user interface, Fri May 03 2002
    2 of 37 people found the following review helpful:

    Reviewed By: mcombs64

    I bought and used this program for a while, but have stopped using it. My requirements may not match yours, though, so read on:

    First, Master Syndicator publishes your info using two lines of JavaScript on the receiving site. That means 12% of site visitors (the ones without JavaScript) won't see it, including search engine robots. And if your content includes a link back to your site, that won't be visible either.

    I used Master Syndicator to provide a "What's New" box on affiliate sites, with a URL to bring people back to my site. The amount of content in the box was pretty small; picture of the month, contest of the month, survey question of the month. All of these linked back to my site.

    The problem was how cumbersome Master Syndicator made this process. I would code all of this into HTML (Dreamweaver), copy the HTML in Master Syndicator, then "publish", which creates the JavaScript file the other sites display.

    Master Syndicator doesn't let you import an HTML file directly for publishing, or let you edit last month's material. You have to start over each time.

    It turned out it was easier to just edit the JavaScript file directly and change the 10 or 20 words by hand.

    Master Syndicator can be a useful tool if you're writing completely new content each time, don't need to edit it minutes after you've published to correct a mistake, don't use HTML formatting, and don't care about the JavaScipt limitation.

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    Master Syndicator, Fri May 03 2002
    8 of 43 people found the following review helpful:

    Reviewed By: bcd_editor
    Paul Petillo, Editor/The Blue Money Report

    The Syndicator really made it easy to reach beyond my site. Current estimates of readership of the Blue Money Report (, a syndicated financial column, are about 3 million per week. It was an essential part of the last link developement campaign.

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