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Thank you for taking the time to report ErrorFriendly - To complete reporting this link, please confirm by clicking below:


How annoyed do you get when you see the 'HTTP 404 Error - File Not Found' error message when you're browsing someones' site? What do you do? Return to the page you've just come from (if your browser allows)? Start again? Go somewhere else? And what's the problem? Just a duff link? Product no longer available? An old, inactive site? Who knows? Well if you use ErrorFriendly on your OWN site, your visitors WILL know! And they'll know what the problem is, be able to contact you directly, AND be re-directed to exactly where YOU want them to go. The ultimate in good customer service! And what's more, you'll be notified of the error, details of the visitor, AND the page the error originated from when available. The visitor re-direction error pages come complete with a funky animated graphic and can be customized to suit your requirements. Sweet! Works with .htaccess (and don't be afraid if you've not used this before!) and covers the majority of current error codes.


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