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    The Perl Archive (TPA) was conceived in June, 1999 strictly as a "time-passer". It continued to change and grow until it began to appear as if we had something here. Because of our own frustrating experiences with broken links on many of the other archive sites, we wanted at least one cgi/perl information source with valid links, that was easily navigable and easy to understand.

    As the TPA link archive grew, so did the ideas. As we continue to discover needs that are currently unmet, we will continue to add features to this site. We currently have [an error occurred while processing this directive] of active links. You'll see this number grow and shrink daily. We're adding new links, verifying existing links, and removing broken links on a daily basis.


    In the coming months, look for additional relevant cgi/perl articles targeted toward new webmasters and seasoned professionals alike. We are also planning a support forum moderated by cgi experts who volunteer their time to help you, our welcome guests with your questions and assistance. TPA is your CGI/PERL Resource


    We want you to feel welcome here. Bookmark us now, so you'll always be just a click away from your Perl Archive.



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