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    Perl Archive : TLC : Programming : Perl : Intro to Perl Part 5: Conclusion
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    Date Published: 1999-11-01

    Intro to Perl
    Main Page
    Part 1: Scalars
    Part 2: Arrays
    Part 3: Hashes
    Part 4: Subroutines
    Part 5: Putting it Together
    by D. Jasmine Merced
    TNS Group, Inc.


    Now that you've grasped most of the essentials of Perl in our previous articles, we're ready to put everything you've learned together so you can begin customizing cgi/perl programs.

    Please remember to adhere to all copyright limitations that the programmer states for the program you wish to customize. If you've downloaded or purchased a program, please support the programmer by keeping the copyright statements and return links intact.

    This article comes in 4 parts: 1) review, 2) new program elements, 3) putting it all together, and 4) tips on customizing programs. The review section will summarize what's been discussed so far, the second will introduce program elements that have not yet been discussed, the third will bring all of these elements together to give you a firm understanding on how programs used these elements to perform their intended job and the fourth will offer tips on how to customize programs for your needs using BigNoseBird's "BIRDTRAP.CGI" as an example.

    1. Review

    2. New Elements

    3. Putting it all together

    4. Customize a BigNoseBird


    D. Jasmine Merced is a partner in Tintagel Net Solutions Group, Inc. and the administrator of The Perl Archive. She also serves as a Director of the World Organization of Webmasters.


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