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    Perl Archive : Multimedia Management
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      Animation (13)
    Create "movable" components to your web page.
      Audio and Video (6)
    These programs help you manage your Real Media files, play multimedia files (jukeboxes), etc.
      Bandwidth Protection (21)
    These programs prevent other web sites from linking directly to components of your web site.
      Charts and Graphs (2)
    These programs help you create dynamic charts for your web page.
      Gallery Maintenance (53)
    Gallery maintenance programs help you manage a collection of images, audio, and other multimedia files.
      Imagemaps (1)
    Create clickable image maps for your web site.
    Links:' jbGallery   

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     Price: $59.99 Date Published: 0000-00-00

    keGallery is a platform independent, webserver-based software product suite that fully automates the process of viewing, publishing, maintaining, and marketing your web-based multimedia gallery. ezGallery support all image extensions, movie formats, music types, as well as capable of rendering text and plain html files inside your templates.

     (Added: Wed Jan 08 2003 Hits: 449 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 18)

      AGIS (A Great Image Server) Version 1   

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     Price: 30.00

    AGIS 1.0 is designed to provide a complete image management system. AGIS allows anyone with web access and the correct administration password to completely administer all aspects of the application. This application allows you to setup unlimited image categories and subcategories. Each subcategory allows you to upload images with descriptions. You may add and remove categories and images at any time. If you only want one category, that's fine too! All maintenance and administration is done through the browser. Once you have installed the script and configured 10 simple variables you can immediately start creating your image galleries. If you are tired of installing ugly CGI applications on your site that only offer "color scheme" matching you are going to love AGIS. The best part of AGIS is that it completely integrates into your existing website. You simply supply the template for AGIS to use and now the CGI flawlessly matches your website. No more modifying scripts just because you want to change text colors or background images. AGIS makes it easy to host your own image gallery that looks like it was specifically designed for your site!

     (Added: Sat Apr 26 2003 Hits: 438 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0)


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     Price: 45 Euro

    Convert TTF fonts to png/gif on the fly from a web server. Many options: perfect sizing, buttons, antialiasing, char maps etc.

     (Added: Fri May 18 2001 Hits: 565 Rating: 8.00 Votes: 1)

      Website Manager Free/$59   

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     Price: Free / $59

    A truly amazing website and content management system. When you cross Dreamweaver with WS FTP you get this script. Supports multiple users with rights and privs, Server Side Includes (SSI), editable Zones and pages, auto created directory structure for your entire server or site, 3 levels of administration, complete history of actions logged for each user, completely web based including directory creation and deletion (if right is granted). No HTML or FTP skills required. Try it free and see for yourself. Also includes search engine, option to use regular textareas instead of WYSIWYG for selected file types, file uploads with file type restrictions, simple image insertion, rename functions, and more all in an easy to understand, user intuitive interface that even the novice will love. Suitable for sole webmasters or large teams. Simple setup, no client software required, automatically plugs in to your website's existing structure and you can even update multiple pages by editing just one page. What a time saver.

     (Added: Tue Dec 16 2003 Hits: 367 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0)


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